My Saraab



Title:  My Saraab

Logline: In a life shaped by war art transforms struggle into hope.

Producer & Director

Sarna Lapine


In Arabic, the word Saraab means mirage, often used as a metaphor for survival in the midst of war. Political refugee Sabah Al-Dhaher returns home to Iraq: confronted with his past and the loss of hope, Sabah seeks solace through painting and carving in a world torn asunder by war.

Winner of best short film at the NW Film Forum, 2005




  NW Film Forum Local Sighting, 2005, Seattle

  Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, 2006, Missoula

  Beverly Hills Shorts Festival, 2006, Los Angeles

  Arab & Iranian Film Festival, 2006, Seattle

 Northwest FolkLife, 2006, Seattle




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